Cafe Arpan: Getting Off the Ground

Sorry folks, we have been off the blog radar for a long while. No excuses. Just very busy. I am writing today about our trials and tribulations with the process of setting up Café Arpan. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Incidentally, this will be our last blog

Becky Goes To High School

This post is the third of a three part series. (Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here) Our friend and supporter, David, continues to share Becky's story: Our entire family rejoiced at the moment when Rebecca moved into high school. I remember everyone’s excitement at this significant passage, and Becky was as excited as

Becky Goes To School

This post is the second of a three part series. (Read Part 1 here and Part 3 here) David continues Becky's story for us... I thought I would chat a bit about Becky’s experiences in her school career and to be fair, I think I should mention some of the challenges that Becky brought to

Becky: The Early Years

Life happened fast and furious for a few months last year and we were forced into hibernation. But with the New Year, we are back! David Hampton is on our advisory board and has been there for us from the beginning of our journey. We present David's journey with Becky - in his own words.

Are We Missing The Boat?

International Yoga Day is being celebrated the day after tomorrow on June 21. In the recent past, there has been a lot of hoopla about whether chanting OM is compulsory or not, and how it (chanting OM) goes against religious sentiment and so on and so forth. Several events are being organized - both in

There Is Room For Us All

Belina wrote in to us a few months ago offering her services as a long-distance volunteer! A later conversation revealed that we share core beliefs about inclusion and the value special individuals bring into all our lives. She has penned our first ever guest blog. Thank you Belina! “I firmly believe that I was destined

Included Not “Occupied”

So we are over the media blitzkrieg and back to business as usual – almost. The questions from parents and guardians continue. “Will you take my son/daughter?” “They love to cook!” Questions come from as far off as Thane and as close as Vile Parle. We would love to take in your son and daughter….

Thank You, Mumbaikars, We Are One!

At the beginning of this week, Nitin our wonderful supporter and well-wisher, ordered a dabba and showed much appreciation for our work. He offered to send out information to all his WhatsApp groups so that we would get more orders for dabbas and could continue our quest towards achieving financial viability. “Of course,” we said.

Music of Souls…

Rajeev Kamath, Pratibha’s wonderfully active and dedicated parent has written a blog on his experiences through music in keeping, as Temple Grandin says, our individuals engaged with the world. We present excerpts: “I have chosen music as a platform to make life of few individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities more meaningful, in

It’s a Good Life!

These past few months have been very busy with major organizational changes and chasing up the 80G certificate that provides tax relief to donors for donations made to Yash Charitable Trust. We initiated the process for obtaining the 80G certificate ten very long months ago. I have lost count how many visits I have made

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