The overall mission of Yash Charitable Trust is to assist persons with developmental disabilities successfully transition into adulthood, become responsible, productive members of the communities that they live in, and have a wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling adult life.


We believe that individuals who have life-long developmental disabilities deserve the same quality of life as those around them and have banded together to do our bit.

Read below for some of the many ways we have been touched by Aarti and Manan and countless other individuals who have life-long developmental disabilities.


Yash Charitable Trust is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and all donations are deductible under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act of 1961.


pic_aartiNagarkarAarti is a funny, caring, compassionate human being. The best kind ever because she always exudes great warmth and an unconditional love for everyone she meets. Aarti also has autism. And therefore she is significantly challenged by what we would think were the most mundane events. She struggles to come to terms with the constant honking in a metropolis bursting at its seams. She has a hard time crossing the road or battling her way through crowded streets. She tries hard to contain her fear and anxiety of the cacophony of fireworks and senseless noise during the Ganpati immersion season and she cannot understand why people around her shout so much. Yet she wants to belong – to the community that she lives in. She wants to volunteer and she wants to participate and she wants to vote and she wants to have friends and do all the things that adults typically do.


Manan is the most even-keeled, laid back individual you will ever have the good fortune to meet! He has a beautiful smile, an infectious laugh and an extraordinary sense of humour. Manan also has a passion for music. He is always ready to sing, dance, have fun and laugh with you. He works hard and tries hard to belong. And he should.

And so should many of their friends and colleagues who struggle with similar issues because they too have some form of a developmental disability.

Reflections of Team Arpan

On our one year anniversary, we spoke to our members and their families about Arpan and how it has made a difference in their lives. Watch their thoughts below:

Genesis of the logos

Credit for the Yash Charitable Trust and Arpan logos goes to Sucheta Siddha, thank you! https://www.facebook.com/sucheta.siddha

Yash Charitable Trust

Logo explained YCT process

The main figure with wide open arms exemplifies acceptance and enhances dignity.
The figure is supported by gold which signifies that preciousness and importance.
The blue stroke of contrast (difference) represents loyalty and an expanding awareness that brings about clarity of vision.

Logo YCT

ARPAN – Significance of simplicity

We have tried to keep this symbol as simple as possible. Arpan, meaning offering, is in mauve.
Mauve is a colour of opportunity and self confidence. With this our friends are saying: give us opportunities to gain our self confidence and be able to stand as individuals in our own right.
The stroke of blue represents calming of the physical self, inner light, loyalty, sensitivity, and an expanding awareness.
If the community has faith in our loyalty and hard work, it will help our supported employment venture, our dabba service to succeed. This in turn will create an expanding awareness in the community that we too belong and we too are capable of achieving just like anyone else.

arpan logo


Credit for the Tarang logo goes to Aarti Shah, Virinder, Chirag, and Priyanka with Experience Commerce.
Credit for the ASK logo goes to Parul Kumtha, with the Forum for Autism.