Belina wrote in to us a few months ago offering her services as a long-distance volunteer!

A later conversation revealed that we share core beliefs about inclusion and the value special individuals bring into all our lives. She has penned our first ever guest blog.

Thank you Belina!

“I firmly believe that I was destined to get attached with Yash Charitable Trust (YCT) and Arpan and that is why I stumbled upon the Face Book page.

Reading about all that it does brought back memories of the first time that I was given the responsibility to run a school for children with different developmental disabilities who should be considered special.

I learnt so much on the job, some of them being…to love unconditionally and to have patience. While I was heading the school, I tried to incorporate the special children into the community by making them interact with children who went to regular schools; getting them to make things that could be sold with a small profit to begin with.

So when I got to know that Yash Charitable Trust is doing something similar, I couldn’t stop myself from supporting them in any which way I could.

Reading the posts and watching videos makes me feel part of the YCT family and brings in a sense of belonging. I am getting to know each individual that is there and can anticipate what their reaction would be to the question posed!

Chetan steals my heart straight with his responses; Aarti with her wisdom; Pratibha with her immense talent; Bunny with his very clear opinions in English; Anand in the way he humors his pal Chetan and Nazneen with her confidence.

The association with Robin Hood Army (RHA) shows the Arpan family’s heart-warming intention to reach out to the less fortunate members of the community. I feel this is a good way to sensitize people towards others. It is through them that I have also been able to share some happiness on two occasions already. The children at the Juhu RHA site singing “Happy Birthday” for my daughter, never sounded sweeter before this. I am really happy to see YCT going places in terms of public acknowledgement, which will help individuals with different abilities to be accepted in the society. They don’t need sympathy but love and respect. I wish YCT can help others add similar services in other areas of Mumbai or the country itself; to bring dignity to the differently-abled and also the street-children.”