We provide persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities opportunities to learn the required life skills, earn a livelihood, develop social relationships, and meaningfully participate in the community.

Café Arpan

Café Arpan was launched in August 2018 and is Mumbai’s first café that employs and is run by persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The special team plays an integral role in the management of the café – baking breads and desserts, preparing sauces and mixtures, cooking and then serving all the items on our fun and quirky menu to all our customers.

Café Arpan is open Tuesday to Sunday | 11am to 8pm

Arpan Food Services

Arpan Food Services

Supported employment has always been about real community jobs for all people, specifically those individuals with significant disabilities. Supported employment advocates for full physical and social participation.

Our first foray into supported employment was with our dabba service in 2015. It has run successfully over the past four years and we have now branched out into providing more options through Arpan Food Services. We take orders for catering special meals and/or individually prepared snack boxes consisting of an assortment of delicious fresh foods. Fresh desserts and mouth-watering cookies are our specialty. Fresh package of home-grown sprouts, fried onions, and ginger-garlic paste are available on order.

We proudly compost ALL our wet waste from Arpan Food Services as well as Café Arpan in our own special composting bins!

Skill Development Center

At the SDC, new team members are trained through a specially designed skill development curriculum geared towards helping the obtain livelihood options – primarily in the Food & Beverage space within Yash Charitable Trust and elsewhere.

Adult Support Kendra

When young people hit their adolescent years and transition issues assume priority, it is often a time for new challenges and bit of trepidation as to “what next?”

Our Adult Support Kendra (ASK) helps families to navigate these complex and somewhat overwhelming issues. ASK is being manned by a dedicated group of professionals in the field of counseling, psychology, special education, occupational and physical therapy who collectively have over 150 years of experience in the field! Valuable parent-to-parent support is provided by frequent interactions and guidance.

Art & Recreation Therapies (ART)

It is not always work at YCT! Almost daily, the team enjoys engaging and inclusive therapeutic sessions in music, dance, cooking and baking, meditation and physical therapy and social skills. We have a dedicated band of paid and unpaid professionals and volunteers who take these sessions.

Tarang Music Group

In June of 2016, we launched Tarang, our own music group comprised of YCT team members. Spearheaded by Dr. Rajeev Kamath, a parent volunteer, Tarang practices on a regular basis and has a growing repertoire of Hindustani classical, semi-classical, Western jazz and pop under its belt.

Our individuals are hugely talented and over the last two years, have individually and collectively performed across major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and even Shimla! You too can support this program, contact us to ask how!

Other Initiatives

We are proud to be part of a greater community in Mumbai and across India.

We collaborate with the following organizations:

  • Robin Hood Army
  • Hashu Advani College of Special Education
  • Dept of Special Education, SNDT Womens’ University
  • Soho House & Co
  • Forum for Autism
  • Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust (Bengaluru)
  • The CanBridge Academy (Chennai)
  • The Amaze Charitable Trust (Coimbatore)
  • Accenture India

Robin Hood Army

As a part of our community involvement, we provide 50 fresh nutritious meals on a weekly basis to underprivileged street children who live a few kilometers away from our center through our collaboration with the Robin Hood Army. This is our way of giving back!

We seek donations from community members to support us for this initiative. The cost for these 50 meals is only INR 2,000 per week.

Please call us at +91.989.241.8057 for details and do donate generously.