Our Vision

Adults with developmental disabilities are responsible, contributing members of society, and are able to live and work in the community with dignity and self-respect.

Fostering inclusion since 2014

We provide persons with developmental disabilities opportunities to learn the required life skills, earn a livelihood, develop social relationships, and meaningfully participate in the community.

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Adults with developmental disabilities benefited
Extended community members involved

Programs Spotlight


Café Arpan

A café. Like no other.
Simple and fresh menu choices.
Created and served with a special touch by the differently-abled.

A one of a kind experience Guaranteed.

Arpan Food Services

Arpan Food services

At Arpan Food Services, we cater and cook and bake according to specific client requirements:

whether it is specially prepared snack boxes or fresh deserts or a good old-fashioned biryani.

Adult Support Kendra

When young people hit their adolescent years, it is often a time for new challenges and bit of trepidation as to “what next?”

Adult Support Kendra helps families to navigate these complex and somewhat overwhelming issues. Valuable parent-to-parent support is provided by frequent interactions and guidance.

Sushama Nagarkar
“We hope you will join us in assisting persons with developmental disabilities successfully transition into adulthood; become responsible, productive members of the communities that they live in and to provide opportunities for an enhanced quality of life.
I encourage you to continue learning about our cause!”
Sushama Nagarkar, Managing Trustee

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